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Climate Change Debate – Reconciliation in Lisbon?

This should be interesting a workshop to be held with pro and sceptical scientists and contributors in Lisbon: (Update: full list of atendees added) Anthony Watts can’t make it but has delegated Steven Mosher in his stead (co author – … Continue reading

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BBC Horizon – Attack On Science

Originally blogged at Realclimategate Well it looks like the BBC have learned very little this year and the response to this program should be interesting. There are more than enough journalists/ news editors around that are very aware of the … Continue reading

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An Excellent Guardian Article about the Brisbane floods

Originally blogged at Realclimategate In the Guardian – Germaine Greer writes an excellent article about the causes of the Brisbane flooding and the failures of the public and local government (covered up warnings)  to do anything about it when they … Continue reading

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SourceWatch – Who and what is it intended for?

Originally blogged at Realclimategate Note – I’m away for a couple of days, I doubt that I will have much opportunity to review and approve any new comments. I came across Sourcewatch a little while ago. If you were to also take … Continue reading

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New Scientist – Those cursed climate emails

Originally a Guest Post of mine at Watts Up With That The first edition of New Scientist (UK) of 2011 has a review of 2010 and a preview of 2011 section… …and they are rather optimistic that the world has finally moved on from the … Continue reading

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The Met Office Secret Predictions and the political implications

Updated from a guest post at Watts Up with That In The Telegraph (UK newspaper), it was reported that Roger Harrabin, an environment analyst at the BBC, told the Radio Times: “The trouble is that we simply don’t know how much … Continue reading

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Happy New Year – An ‘Ice Age is Coming?’

Happy New Year everyone! At a friends dinner party last night, we were watching the BBC coverage of the London fireworks and the midnight countdown. A compilation track of music was being played by the BBC.. Just after Big Ben sounded … Continue reading

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