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Bishop Hill Targeted – Sceptic Alerts

expanded from a guest post at Bishop Hill Since the beginning of November the Campaign Against Climate Change has been heavily targeting the Bishop Hill blog in their Skeptic Alerts emails to their activists. I imagine this may be why Bishop … Continue reading

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Climate Connections – An Alarmist in the Houses of Parliament?

Update: Some have queried the use of ‘alarmist’ in the headline, this was chosen becuase of the connection to 10:10 ‘No Pressure’ video,(here, here, here,  here , and the rest of the civilised world) and 10:10’s message of 300,000 deaths due … Continue reading

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Are Computer Models Reliable – Can they Predict Climate?

Are Computer Models Reliable – can they be used to predict the future climate? Government climate change propagands vs actual science  Yes: says the Met Office (link on the Act On CO2 Uk Government website)  Are computer models reliable?  (pg … Continue reading

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Crazy Climate Change Quote

A UK Government’s definition of ‘Climate Change’ – EXCLUDES any natural causes: from the Glossary: “Climate Change The process of changing weather patterns caused by the increased number of greenhouse gases in the global atmosphere as a result of human activity … Continue reading

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Welcome to Real Climategate

It is one year to the day that thousands of emails and documents from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia were leaked to the world.  The act of whistleblowing, hacking or leaking (depending on your perspective) of this information and … Continue reading

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