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The BBC say….”in the loathsome corner with Paedophiles and Climate Change Deniars”

Updates added:

I am both angered and saddened.

It was no doubt just a throwaway comment, with little thought behind it.

When Michael Buerk the presenter of the BBC radio program the ‘Moral Maze’ said in his intro to a debate about Multiculturalism in the UK: BBC iPlayer link (20 seconds in)

“not long ago to question multiculturalism…. 

….risked being branded racists and pushed into the loathesome corner with paedophiles and climate change deniers

am I being too sensitive?

I presume that they mean ‘man made climate change deniers’, as I know of no-one that denies natural climate change, yet the words are used interchangeably.

To many people this would be a ‘climate change denier’ blog, what ever that may mean, should I be concerned for my personal safety?

I’m just sceptical of the catastrophic, End of the World’ cult like, gloom and doom version of Anthroprogenic Global Warming. (10:10, Greenpeace, Gore, WWF, Transition Towns, etc)
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Climate Sceptics Defend Science From Duplicity?

Originally blogged at Realclimategate

It has all kicked off today at Climate Audit where Ryan O’Donnell is very annoyed…

………in  blog articles titled Steig’s Trick and  Coffin, meet nail.

All about the Steig, Mann et al paper that generated a Nature front page and world wide alarmism that the Antarctic was suffering man made global warming.

Some sceptical people thought that they had got their maths wrong and decided to publish paper to show how the statitistics should be done, thus improving the science.

There then follows a long tail.
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Has the BBC broken faith with the General Public?

Originally a guest post of mine at Watts Up With That

It is my opinion that the BBC in broadcasting BBC 2 Horizon program ‘Science Under Attack’ did not treat the general public in the UK and at least one of the interviewees in the ‘good faith’ that they should be able to expect from the BBC. After the program aired, I contacted James Delingpole, who was one of the sceptics portrayed in the program and he told me how he was approached to participate by the BBC.

“I am making a film for BBC’s Horizon on public trust in science and I was hoping you may be able to help.”  – BBC Producer

However, the programs underlying message to the general public came across to me as that climate science was under attack by climate sceptics or deniers of science who are on a par with those that deny Aids, vaccines and extreme anti GM environmentalist activists.

Yet, in discussion with a NASA scientist, the presenter Professor Paul Nurse apparently makes a gross factual error informing the viewer that annual man-made CO2 emissions are;

seven times

that of the total natural annual emissions. This raised a number of eyebrows and is now subject to some discussion amongst the blogs, including at Bishop Hill.
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Climate Change Debate – Reconciliation in Lisbon?

This should be interesting a workshop to be held with pro and sceptical scientists and contributors in Lisbon: (Update: full list of atendees added)

Anthony Watts can’t make it but has delegated Steven Mosher in his stead (co author – Climategate – The Crutape Letters – Mosher/Fuller. I would also recommend Fred Pearce’s book – The Climate Files (a warmer view 😉 )
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BBC Horizon – Attack On Science

Originally blogged at Realclimategate

Well it looks like the BBC have learned very little this year and the response to this program should be interesting. There are more than enough journalists/ news editors around that are very aware of the issues that were glossed over and waved away..

The Professor spoke to Phil Jones, as the enquiries that he said had exonerated everybody, failed to ask a key questions… Could he have perhaps actually have asked Phil Jones.

Why did you ask colleagues to delete emails relating to the IPCC process? And, why did you feel the need to ask?

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An Excellent Guardian Article about the Brisbane floods

Originally blogged at Realclimategate

In the Guardian – Germaine Greer writes an excellent article about the causes of the Brisbane flooding and the failures of the public and local government (covered up warnings)  to do anything about it when they were forewarned.

Basically an entirely predicted La Nina event, an example of weather not climate

Meteorologists warned Australians six months ago to prepare for a soaking. And nobody did a thing …

Guardian:  Australian Floods: Why were we so surprised? by Germaine Greer

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SourceWatch – Who and what is it intended for?

Originally blogged at Realclimategate

Note – I’m away for a couple of days, I doubt that I will have much opportunity to review and approve any new comments.

I came across Sourcewatch a little while ago.

If you were to also take a brief look at it’s global warming, climate change and climate skeptic section it will become quite clear what the contributors thoughts are  about ‘climate skeptics’. After browsing for a while I then considered:

Who and what is the climate skeptic section intended for?

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New Scientist – Those cursed climate emails

Originally a Guest Post of mine at Watts Up With That

The first edition of New Scientist (UK) of 2011 has a review of 2010 and a preview of 2011 section…

…and they are rather optimistic that the world has finally moved on from the climategate emails.

Those Cursed Climate emails – New Scientist Jan 1, 2011

Thousands of them were hacked off the servers of the University of East Anglia, home to one of the UK’s leading research units, in November 2009. In 2010, their content was dissected, re-dissected, and then dissected some more, amid claims that some climate scientists had engaged in fraudulent behaviour. Four independent reviews exonerated them, and datasets were made public that were previously under lock and key. And finally, the world moved on.”

(behind a paywall, but in their blog

This would just appear to be the time-honoured PR strategy  ‘Nothing to be seen here, move along please’ and an attempt at controlling a message.  So there is to be no optimism from New Scientist that the world could now be safe from Thermageddon (NS October 2010).


It seems that the great CAGW delusion, early 21st century ‘modern end of the world cult’, cultural phenomenon or whatever else history will call it, has not quite yet had its bubble pierced.

In 2010, I personally thought that perhaps the lowest point of climate science reporting in the UK, was the New Scientist, Age of Denial issue with a Special 10 page report.

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The Met Office Secret Predictions and the political implications

Updated from a guest post at Watts Up with That

In The Telegraph (UK newspaper), it was reported that Roger Harrabin, an environment analyst at the BBC, told the Radio Times:

“The trouble is that we simply don’t know how much to trust the Met Office. How often does it get the weather right and wrong. And we don’t know how it compares with other, independent forecasters.” – The Telegraph

Boris Johnson – The Mayor of London, is arguably perhaps the most democratically personally elected politician in the UK. As over 1.1 million London voters voted for him directly for the elected office of Mayor. This is compared to a UK Member of Parliament, who might win their seat with as little as 20,000 votes. In many seats, if you wore the right party badge a ‘mascot’ might get elected. Whilst the public are voting for a person, it is the party they represent that is being voted for.

In my opinion, no other Conservative candidate could have won that election to become Mayor, at a time (May 2008) when the Labour Party were still very much in power in the UK. Boris Johnson won peoples votes despite him being a Conservative for many members of the public that voted for him.

Thus, for a high profile Conservative like Boris to write glowingly about (arch sceptic) Piers Corbyn and criticise the Met Office, is in my opinion very significant politically in the UK. Especially in light of the fact that Boris wrote this before the Met Office started denying they had predicted mild winters and before their ‘secret’ prediction statement.

Boris Johnson cares whether London (including Heathrow airport) and himself is made to look bad in the eyes of a world audience. I wonder what Boris thinks about the Met Office ‘secret’ prediction?

As Boris is in the position of power, knowing whether or not London and Heathrow received the ‘secret’ warning’.
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