It is good to have a debate

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I am going along to the Spectator  ‘climate change’ debate on Tuesday 29th March in London, hopefully I can meet up with some ‘climate change’ blog regulars (both sides very welcome)to have a chat afterwards.

Yet, it has been noted before that it can be difficult to get the opposing side of the debate to show up for a climate change (man made) debate. Peter Gill’s summarised his experience at Bishop Hill a couple of weeks ago, or possibly Peter is not quite famous enough as a former Chancellor

Some of you may remember Peter as the man who famously didn’t write the Institute of Physics submission to the House of Commons inquiry into Climategate. Peter wanted to tell me about a recent invitation he’d had to take part in a global warming debate at one of the bits of the University of London. After several months of to-ing and fro-ing, the who event has now been cancelled because nobody was willing stand up to represent the other side of the argument. – Bishop Hill

Anyway, I imight turn up as an eco warrior (or just a name badge) and see how it plays out. The idea of most debates of course are about winning over an audience, it would be much more interesting  if one party opposing or for the motion is open-minded enough to be persuaded by the debate, but I imagine in this case it may be unlikely.
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The Heathrow snow chaos report is out: Rare rate of snowfall since records began (6 years!)?

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A report into last December’s snow chaos at Heathrow Airport is out, entitled Heathrow Snow Resilence Enquiry

It includes a little reminder to perhaps reflect the new thoughts on ‘climate disruption’ vs global warming (man made).

Even under global warming, periods of extreme cold are still possible for the UK (54)

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Who voted for Greenpeace Mr Huhne?

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Who voted for Greenpeace at the last UK general election?

A simple rhetorical question for Mr Huhne, because in the Guardian/Observer it was reported that Greenpeace will be keeping an eye on things:

“Chris Huhne, the energy and climate secretary, said recently that “green” organisations such as Greenpeace would be asked to play a formal monitoring role to check that government was meeting its commitments.” – Observer, March 13 2011

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Congratulations to Watts Up With That

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Congratulations to Anthony Watts  and all the moderators,  commentators and guest authors at Watts Up With That.

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Hide the Decline – 2 pictures for 2000 comments

A guest post at Watts Up With That

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Judith Curry has tackled the ‘Hide the Decline’ issue at her blog Climate Etc.  The issue is that data was hidden from policymakers  (and the public) so as to present a ‘simpler’ message… and other data spliced in to perhaps give a very different message?

Remember it is all about the idea of ‘unprecedented’ global warming because the politicians, media and public were warned by graphs like this….

Tree ring data – Thermometers spliced in – tree ring data truncated

Tree Ring Data alone – with deleted data reinstated

In the video link (30 mins in ) in Judith Curry’s article the second graph is how ‘all scientists at Berkeley’ would present the data.  The whole video is well worth watching.

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The Carbon Brief – The European rapid response team

Originally a guest post at Watts Up With That

Originally blogged at Realclimategate

The Carbon Brief is a new website  designed to provide a rapid response to any climate chaage related stories in the media.

It is also appears to be intended as a resource for articles and it claims to be an independent mediator between journalists and climate scientists.

The Carbon Brief’s twitter followers seem to have different expectations.

Andrew SimmsNef Bio: 10:10 Campaign Board Member, New Economic Foundation (NEF), Greenpeace UK board member, co-author of The Green Deal Report, founder of the 100 Month initiativeTrustee of TERI Europe(alongside Rajendra Pachauri, Sir John Houghton and Sir Crispin Tickell)

The Carbon Brief seems particularly concerned about how sceptical stories in UK media and blogs are being received by people in India and China and reported in non-EU countries media and blogs. (my bold).

“The media has a huge impact on the way that the climate debate has taken shape in the UK, as it has in the US, Australia and around the world. Comment articles in newspapers and blogs here are often copied and published thousands of times around the globe. The arguments fomented in the pages of The Guardian or the Daily Telegraph can have a significant impact on how climate change is reported in India and China.” – The Carbon Brief

On further investigation, the website demonstrates that they appear to be nothing but advocates of consensus climate change policy.  A look at their further resources  page gives the first two links as the Climate Science Rapid Response Team and RealClimate and it also include Climate Progress. There are no sceptical or even lukewarm website or blog links of any kind.

“Our team of researchers will provide a rapid response service for climate science stories. We go straight to peer-reviewed science and the relevant scientists to get their opinions” – The Carbon Brief

The Carbon Brief appears to have been set up for the specific purpose of countering sceptical stories relating to ‘climate change’ by going to AGW consensus  scientific sources for an instant rebuttal.  It is a project of the Energy and Strategy Centre, funded and supported by the European Climate Foundation (ECF)

ECF describes itself as “the largest philanthropic organisation in Europe focused on influencing government policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”. –The Carbon Brief

“…. To meet that challenge, six funding partners joined forces in 2007 to create a new multi-million euro philanthropic entity called the European Climate Foundation.”  – About Us –  ECF 

On the The Carbon Brief website they say they are just getting started.
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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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