Bishop Hill Targeted – Sceptic Alerts

expanded from a guest post at Bishop Hill

Since the beginning of November the Campaign Against Climate Change has been heavily targeting the Bishop Hill blog in their Skeptic Alerts emails to their activists. I imagine this may be why Bishop Hill has had rather more ‘warmist’ guests than usual.

Up until the 7th November 2010, James Delingpole and Christopher Booker at the Telegraph received over 80% of these alerts between them from the Campaign Against Climate Change. However, since then (in less than 3 weeks) fifty-five Bishop Hill articles have been subject to Skeptic alerts, compared to Delingples 10, and Bookers 5.   Whatever can have happened at the beginning of November to divert their attention to Bishop Hill?

The CACC have not yet made a place for Andrew Montford in their Sceptics Hall of Shame (which includes, Lord Lawson, Booker, Delingple, Plimer, Senator Inholfe, Monckton and Lomborg), I would like to suggest to Andrew that he sends a nice autographed photograph of himself to the CACC, lest they find an unflattering photo.

I wrote a guest post in April at Bishop Hill about the Campaign Against Climate Change  Skeptic Alerts campaign, since then I signed up and have been receiving my regular skeptic alerts. (they use both spellings)

This operates by the CACC sending out Skeptic Alerts emails to their activists.

Skeptic alerts

Are you fed up with sceptics and pseudo-scientists dominating blogs and news articles with their denialist propaganda? Well, fight back! We are trying to create an online army of online volunteers to try and tip the balance back in the favour of scientific fact, not scientific fiction.

CACC activists are given helpful little primers  and further links, to counter any sceptic myth (argument) which they are directed to comment in any sceptical article that the CACC disaproves of.  Thus the activist does not even have to think about the arguments for themselves, but can pull out the relevant quote (without any thought required),  they need for any comment in a blog or website comments section they encounter. 

The CACC offers suggestions:

 You can contribute to as little or as many articles as you like, just dive in.

Theres any number of angles you might want to take but pointing out that the vast majority of climate scientists are sure that man made climate change is happening is not a bad one. Or how the fossil fuel companies are funding “think-tanks” whose job it is is to try and undermine the science of climate change. Or ..(I could go on forever). You’ve probably got lots to say already  (so much truth to tell…) but you can also use the links on our Links page to back up your argument, or any of the further information on our Sceptics page.

The allmost throwaway statement – so much truth to tell – come across as a little worrying.  It speaks of a group that is totally certain it is right and is very unlikely to listen to any sceptical questions, their views on ‘sceptics’  summarised at a link from their home page

Sceptic Disinformation – A Rising Tide of Climate Denial 

The Campaign Against Climate Change  (CACC – pronounced cack) has been around for a longtime, with high profile people on the the advisory board,  it also has had considerable influence in the UK (have a search on youtube) with warmist illuminaries, such as Futerra’s  (Climategate doc – Rules of the Game) Ed Gillespie, Solitaire Townsend, and the IPPR‘s Simon Retallack  speaking at CACC campaign meetings.

Honourary President – George Monbiot

Honourary Vice Presidents – Caroline Lucas (Green MP & leader), Alexis Rowell (10:10 Campaign), Michael Meacher MP

Advisory Board – Tim Helweg-Larsen – Mark Lynas – Jean Lambert Green MEP – George Marshall

I imagine the next CACC board meeting will be interesting, as Mark Lynas (Green Heretic) presented with Stewart Brand the  CH4 program – “What the Green Movement Got Wrong“. He and George Monbiot appeared in opposition in the TV debate after the program.

I wonder what made Bishop Hill  the Number 1 Skeptic Alert target ahead of James Delingpole and I would also like to wish a welcome to all the newcomers to the blog, wherever they may have come from.

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6 Responses to Bishop Hill Targeted – Sceptic Alerts

  1. geoffchambers says:

    The Campaign against Climate Change site is a wonderful example of all that is wrong with environmentalism. It seems to aim to be the campaign headquarters for green activism in Britain, but it’s never-updated pages and half a dozen twitters a week give it an abandoned air; it’s a cobwebsite, the Marie Celeste of the Green movement.
    Their main activity seems to be publicising forthcoming events, and reporting back on them to all the activists who didn’t turn up.
    I tried their latest Youtube offering
    “Jonathann Essex explains the science” (58 views)
    but quickly switched to
    “supermodels take it off for climate change” (893,000 views)

  2. Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

  3. I know you probably have to disagree, but if you can’t beat them, join them.

  4. James Melocco says:

    I wonder what made Bishop Hill the Number 1 Skeptic Alert target.
    I hope this is a rhetorical question, because it seems to me obvious. His book “The hockey stick illusion, climategate and the corruption of science”,is detailed accurate and devastating. The book has been in the top 10 climate change best sellers last year.
    The warmists have no answer to a well informed and honest skeptic, hence the smear campaign.
    Just discovered this site by the way, and love the name.

  5. Chris says:

    I find they provide an excellent service of sending me a daily digest of links to stuff I really like reading 😉

  6. catweazle666 says:

    Quite so, Chris.

    I suspect you’re not the only one, either.

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