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Happy New Year – An ‘Ice Age is Coming?’

Happy New Year everyone! At a friends dinner party last night, we were watching the BBC coverage of the London fireworks and the midnight countdown. A compilation track of music was being played by the BBC.. Just after Big Ben sounded … Continue reading

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Simple Physics – In reality my feather blew up into a tree

Originally a Guest Post at Watts Up With That (28 Dec 2010) by BWoods All too often the ‘simple physics of CO2′ argument is presented to the public by the media, politicians, climate scientists and environmental advocacy groups, in a way that … Continue reading

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Is the road to [Green] Hell paved with good intentions?

Sometimes if you are wrong, even if you have the very best intentions, the results might be considered harmful. I and other sceptics of the CAGW delusion think that the worlds poor need direct help now, not ‘potential help’ later. Sir John Houghton (June … Continue reading

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George Monbiot – complains about astroturfing

Update from the comments: The Guardian have removed some critical comments mentioning George’s involvment with the Campaign Against Climate Change, which indulges in similar practices. (my three never got past pre-moderation) These astroturf libertarians are the real threat to internet … Continue reading

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Climate Propaganda – The Guardian, minimise the good news about sea levels amongst the NEW bad news?

Following the good news in a Met Office Study that alarmist sea level rises of 2m – 4m by 2100 is wrong. The Guardian report the Met Office study and choose a headline to highlight a new alarmist message rather than parade this … Continue reading

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Official – Alarmist warnings of 2m sea level rises are wrong – Met Office Study

Alarmist Doomsday warning of rising seas ‘was wrong’, says a Met Office study – Daily Mail (6 December 2010) (Telegraph & Guardian) Last year around the time of the Copenhagen Cop 15 climate conference, the public were bombarded on television and in … Continue reading

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Lost In Alarmism – 150,000 ‘climate change’ deaths a year

Who is causing the climate change alarmism – where does the 150,000 climate change deaths a year ‘fact’ come from. Although the 10:10 campaign, has their founder – Franny Armstrong – saying 300,000 deaths a year, did they just double … Continue reading

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Bishop Hill Targeted – Sceptic Alerts

expanded from a guest post at Bishop Hill Since the beginning of November the Campaign Against Climate Change has been heavily targeting the Bishop Hill blog in their Skeptic Alerts emails to their activists. I imagine this may be why Bishop … Continue reading

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Climate Connections – An Alarmist in the Houses of Parliament?

Update: Some have queried the use of ‘alarmist’ in the headline, this was chosen becuase of the connection to 10:10 ‘No Pressure’ video,(here, here, here,  here , and the rest of the civilised world) and 10:10’s message of 300,000 deaths due … Continue reading

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Are Computer Models Reliable – Can they Predict Climate?

Are Computer Models Reliable – can they be used to predict the future climate? Government climate change propagands vs actual science  Yes: says the Met Office (link on the Act On CO2 Uk Government website)  Are computer models reliable?  (pg … Continue reading

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